May 21, 2024, 1:26 PM
News ID: 85484921
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Yemeni armed forces down US MQ-9 Reaper

May 21, 2024, 1:26 PM
News ID: 85484921
Yemeni armed forces down US MQ-9 Reaper

Tehran, IRNA – Brigadier General Yahya Saree, spokesman of the Yemeni armed forces, announced that Yemeni forces have shot down the fifth American MQ-9 Reaper.

“The Air Defense Forces of the Yemeni Armed Forces shot down an American unmanned aerial vehicle, MQ-9 Reaper, while it was carrying out hostile missions in the airspace of Al Bayda Governorate,” Saree said in a statement on Tuesday.

He said the plane was targeted with a locally made surface-to-air missile, and scenes of the operation will be broadcast later.

“The Yemeni Armed Forces confirmed that the operation of shooting down this UAV came only a few days later from the shooting down of another UAV of the same type, in the airspace of Ma’rib Governorate,” he noted.

According to Saree, with this operation, the Yemeni Armed Forces succeeded in shooting down five UAVs of this type during the Battle of the Promised Conquest and Holy Jihad.

“The Yemeni Armed Forces continue to develop their defense capabilities to confront the American-British aggression against our country and continue to carry out their military operations in triumphing for the oppressed Palestinian people until the siege is lifted and the aggression against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip is ceased,” he added.


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