May 18, 2024, 11:02 PM
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Iranian university offers scholarship to pro-Palestine students expelled in US

Tehran, IRNA – Iran’s Imam Hossein Comprehensive University has announced that it would grant free scholarship to students who have been suspended or expelled from their universities in the US, Canada and Europe due to their support for Gaza.

The university, based in the capital Tehran, made the announcement on Saturday, voicing support for a pro-Palestine student movement that first began in the US last month and has now spread to other countries.  

The Iranian university praised the students in those countries for rising up against Israel’s cruelty and the West’s support for the regime, saying that their protest movement would have a great impact to find a way out of the ongoing crisis in Palestine.

It also expressed hope that the student movement would encourage people across the world to raise their voices for the Palestinians who are denied their basic human rights to survive.

According to American media reports, some 3,000 people have been arrested at pro-Palestinian protests on at least 61 college campuses across the US in recent weeks as part of a crackdown that has also led to some students being expelled, suspended or put on probation.

Campuses from Vancouver to Montreal in Canada have seen encampments set up by students inspired by their counterparts in the US as well. Similar protests have also been held in the UK and Switzerland, among European countries.   

The protesting students want their universities to divest from Israel over its genocidal war in Gaza. They argue that their universities are complicit in crimes being committed against Palestinians.


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