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Grand Border Project of Iran and Azerbaijan; A Symbol of Iranian Engineers' Capability and Realization of Water Diplomacy

Tehran, IRNA - The construction of the Qiz Qalasi Dam after half a century since the construction of the Aras Dam and nearly two decades since the commencement of its executive operations is finally reaching fruition in the coming days with the presence of the two countries' leaders.

The Qiz Qalasi Dam, implemented as part of a grand project, redesigned and executed by the technical prowess of Iranian engineers, has completed its civil operations entirely and the countdown to the operation of this project has begun.

The construction and operation of this dam, in addition to providing water for downstream lands and boosting agriculture, have led to regional economic development, enhanced agricultural product quality, and promoted tourism, showcasing domestic engineering expertise and knowledge.

The construction and operation of the Qiz Qalasi Dam will not only provide water for downstream lands and boost agriculture, but will also pave the way for regional economic development, improved agricultural product quality, and tourism development.

Optimal utilization of water and soil resources of the border waters, replacing traditional agricultural methods with modern and industrial practices, organizing nomadic tribes to increase household income and prevent migration, and fostering the development of ancillary and transformative industries are among the significant achievements of implementing this project as one of the largest pressurized irrigation schemes in the region.

The reservoir capacity of this dam is 62 million cubic meters, and annually it regulates 2 billion cubic meters of water through the Khoda'afarin Dam for both parties.

The Qiz Qalasi Dam also boasts two 40-megawatt power units with a capacity to produce 270 gigawatt-hours of energy annually, paving the way for regional economic development and employment opportunities for approximately 40,000 individuals.

In light of the unique circumstances of the project, the diversion of water from the Aras River has been carried out in two phases.

With the completion of the Qiz Qalasi Dam, the operation of the monumental Khoda'afarin water supply project from the Aras River is set to commence. Among  other significant achievements of this project, as one of the largest pressurized irrigation schemes in the region, are optimal water and soil resource utilization, modern agriculture practices, and the realization of border water rights.

The Qiz Qalasi Dam stands as a testament to unparalleled experience in water diplomacy and symbolizes the unity and solidarity of the two countries, especially in the preservation and maintenance of two historic bridges in the region. This dam holds a highly strategic position and is scheduled to be operational soon with the presence of the two countries' presidents.

The location of this dam is 220 kilometers northeast of Tabriz and 12 kilometers downstream of the Khoda'afarin reservoir dam on the Aras River, at the border between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan, for joint operation, with the participation of capable companies and diligent workers, utilizing domestic technical expertise and knowledge to ensure water supply for the Khoda'afarin irrigation network in the provinces of East Azarbaijan and Ardabil.

This dam, of earthen core type, with a crest length of 834 meters and a height of 37 meters, has been designed based on a 10,000-year flood equivalent of 3,440 cubic meters per second, incorporating sub-outlet channels and radial gate spillways on both sides for discharge.

*Yousef Ghafarzadeh is managing director of East Azarbaijan Regional Water Company


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