May 15, 2024, 10:14 PM
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Islamic Jihad says Palestinians steadfast after 76 years of occupation

Tehran, IRNA -- Palestinian Resistance Movement Islamic Jihad has issued a statement on the 76th anniversary of Nakba Day, emphasizing that the Palestinian people have remained steadfast after more than seven decades of Israeli occupation.

Islamic Jihad issued its statement on Wednesday, saying that Palestinians have kept up their resistance despite 76 years of displacement, occupation, massacres, and various forms of oppression aimed at weakening their cause. 

The movement added that the Palestinian people, enduring decades of injustice and occupation, proudly demonstrate their unwavering resilience, emphasizing that Palestinians have set the Zionist entity on a path to extinction through their steadfast resistance.

Islamic Jihad also condemned the complicity of some Arab countries with the occupying regime while extending gratitude to all those who have supported the Palestinian cause, particularly resistance forces and freedom-seekers across the world. 

The movement underlined that crackdown and oppression will never stop Palestine from continuing its struggle, and that the Palestinians are determined to achieve freedom and justice. 

May 15 marks the Nakba, or catastrophe, the day when the Zionist regime was established in 1948 after its forces expelled at least 750,000 Palestinians from their homes and lands.


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