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Arab world happy with Iran’s response to Zionist attack: Palestinian thinker

Tehran, IRNA – Mounir Shafiq, a Palestinian thinker believes that not only the Palestinians, but also all the Arab world were happy with Iran’s last month response to a Zionist attack on its consular building in Damascus.

He made the remarks in a conference on the Palestinian developments in Tehran on Wednesday.

Referring to the emergence of the Zionist regime, he said that in a bid to gather Jews from all across the world, Britain dispatched hundreds of thousands of soldiers to Palestine while he said that then the majority of Arab countries supported the Zionist policies.

He said that in the end, more than 70% of the land of Palestine came under the control of the Jews and 900,000 Palestinians were forced to emigrate, and therefore, the day of the establishment of the Zionist regime is called "Nakba Day".

Shafiq, however, said that the resistance is much different today, as the Palestinian Resistance groups have supporters in Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq.

He also referred to Iran’s last month response to a Zionist attack, noting that Iran’s response was legitimate and not only the Palestinians, but also the entire Arab world were happy with this response.  

Shafiq said that Palestine will definitely emerge victorious in this war and this victory will also belong to Iran and other supporters of resistance in Yemen, Syria and Iraq.


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