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Panels kick off ahead of key nuclear conferences in Iran’s Isfahan

Tehran, IRNA – Panels of experts have kicked off their meetings in Iran’s historical city of Isfahan ahead of the 30th edition of the National Nuclear Conference and the First International Conference on Nuclear Sciences and Technology (ICNST).

The meetings began on Monday morning ahead of the two conferences that are set to kick off later in the day in Isfahan. Both events will run for three days.  

Mohammad Ghannadi-Maragheh, deputy chief of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI), began the specialized meetings by making a speech that highlighted the achievements and services rendered by the AEOI over the past years.

He said that the organization has made great achievements in fuel cycle, nuclear electricity generation, radiopharmaceuticals, and radioisotopes used in industry and agriculture, among others.

Those achievements are indicative of the good progress the AEOI has made in the science and technology sector, the official noted, adding that the organization intends to make further progress in accordance with a strategic comprehensive document that sets goals for the next 17 years.

On the National Nuclear Conference and the ICNST, Ghannadi-Maragheh said that the events bring together academics, university students, and experts from Iran and other countries.

Meanwhile, Javad Karimi-Sabet, another AEOI deputy chief, said that more than 500 people had sent their essays to the ICNST, out of which 420 ones were selected by the jury.

Panels kick off ahead of key nuclear conferences in Iran’s Isfahan

Karimi-Sabet, who is also the head of the Iranian Nuclear Society, said that the ICNST will include 16 panels covering different fields of nuclear technology as well.

Around 100 people, half of them from other countries, will give lectures in person and online on the latest scientific achievements, he added.    


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