May 2, 2024, 4:54 AM
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Normalization to benefit Israel’s Arab neighbors: US claims

May 2, 2024, 4:54 AM
News ID: 85463892
Normalization to benefit Israel’s Arab neighbors: US claims

New York, IRNA – The US administration under President Joe Biden, like its predecessor, is making all efforts it can to bring more Arab countries closer to the Zionist regime, with the American envoy to the United Nations claiming that Israel’s neighbors will be benefitting more by normalizing relations with the regime.

Relations between Israel and its Arab neighbors is the creation of concrete benefits on the political horizon for the Palestinian people, Robert Wood said on Wednesday local time at the meeting of the UN General Assembly, which was held to discuss the United States' veto of a request for full UN membership for Palestine.

The United States has the history of propping up Israel by blocking resolutions at the UN in favor of the regime while ignoring calls from the occupied Palestinians.

Biden has clearly said that a lasting peace in the region can only be achieved through a two-state solution with the guarantee of Israel's security, Wood said, without giving a reason for the US veto of a Palestine resolution.

This American diplomat claimed that there is no other way to guarantee the security and future of Israel and there is no other path that leads to regional integration than to have the normalization between Israel and all its Arab neighbors, including Saudi Arabia.

Wood did not miss anti-Iran rhetoric in his speech, saying that the Islamic Republic would not like to see Israel coming closer to Arab states.

Hamas and its Iranian backers would probably prefer that this effort not come to fruition, but we are determined to see it through, the American diplomat claimed.

The statements were made as US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said in Riyadh on Monday that America and Saudi Arabia had taken steps in the past months to normalize relations between Riyadh and the Israeli regime.

Washington’s new efforts to bring Saudi Arabia closer to Israel comes also at a critical time when President Joe Biden is seeking re-election and his government has been left embarrassed amid public criticism of inaction on Israeli genocide in Gaza.

The UAE, Bahrain, Sudan, and Morocco signed US-brokered normalization agreements with Israel in 2020, drawing condemnations from Muslims across the globe, with Palestinians calling deals “a stab in the back of Palestinians and their cause.”


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