Apr 30, 2024, 6:47 PM
News ID: 85462402
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Hezbollah fighters blow up Israeli Merkava tank

Apr 30, 2024, 6:47 PM
News ID: 85462402
Hezbollah fighters blow up Israeli Merkava tank

Tehran, IRNA - The Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah says its fighters have destroyed a Merkava tank of the Israeli regime’s army in Metula town in the north of occupied Palestine.

According to a statement from Hezbollah, as reported by Beirut-based Al Manar TV, they fired guided missiles at an Israeli Merkava tank that was bombarding Lebanese villages and endangering civilians from the Metula site. The tank was destroyed, and all its crew were killed or injured.

The statement also said that fighters from the Islamic Resistance targeted a group of Israeli soldiers at the Metula site, inflicting confirmed losses with appropriate weapons.

Earlier today, Hezbollah announced that in response to the “Israeli” enemy’s attacks on the resilient southern villages and civilian homes, the Islamic Resistance fighters targeted Doviv and Avivim settlements.

Hezbollah has been engaged in operations against Israeli positions at Lebanon’s border since October 8, a day after the regime unleashed its war on Gaza following the Al Aqsa Storm Operation by the Palestinian resistance movement, Hamas, earlier that day.

Hezbollah says it has inflicted heavy losses on the regime, but Israeli authorities hide the real numbers of military fatalities and the extent of the material damage caused.

The movement has also time and again said that its operations targeting the northern parts of the occupied territories are aimed at providing support to the Palestinian resistance fighters battling the Israeli forces in Gaza, which is located at the border with the southern parts of the Israeli-occupied land.


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