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[P]GCC needs Iran to succeed in ensuring security in region: Stimson Center

Tehran, IRNA – The US-based Stimson Center reported that the [Persian] Gulf Cooperation Council ([P]GCC) needs to cooperate with Iran to ensure security in the region; therefore, Tehran’s contribution to regional dialogue is crucial in enhancing stability, peace, and development as well as the implementation of the council’s objectives.

The Stimson Center pointed to the council’s Vision for Regional Security unveiled by Secretary-General of the [P]GCC Jassim Al-Budaiwi on March 28, 2024. The document bears some similarity to prior proposals from Iran, Russia, and China that aim to foster dialogue and cooperation in the Persian Gulf, the center argued.

Though not directly mentioned, peaceful coexistence and cooperation with Tehran is necessary to realize the vision’s goals, the Stimson Center reported.

The report added that the council's member states understand that none of the mega projects they envision can be realized under the shadow of a military confrontation with Iran.

The recent direct confrontation between Iran and the Israeli regime has arguably redoubled the importance of constructively engaging the Islamic Republic, the report added.

The center went on to mention that by focusing on collaboration, peaceful resolution of conflicts, and sustainable development, the council not only aims to enhance the security and prosperity of its member states but also contribute to a more stable and peaceful international order; thus, engaging Iran in this dialogue is pivotal to ensuring the success of the vision.

The center further underlined the need for cooperation between Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates to mitigate environmental risks in the region.

Pointing to the impact of the United States on regional developments, the Stimson Center reported that the US presidential election in 2024 looms as a potential disruptor but also highlights the need to urgently solidify bilateral and multilateral relations in the Persian Gulf, and that none of the regional players in the Persian Gulf are yearning to revert to the pre-2021 era.


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