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Iran presidential aide rebukes presence of snipers at US universities

Tehran, IRNA - Iranian presidential aide Mohammad Jamshidi has rebuked the US government for deploying snipers at university campuses.

“These are snipers at Indiana University heading towards the anti-genocide protests and escorted by campus officials,” Jamshidi said via his X account on Monday, drawing attention to a photo attached to his post.

“If this ugly act of intimidation took place at any university in a so-called adversary country, imagine the media response. Imagine the endless condemnations,” he wrote.

Iran presidential aide rebukes presence of snipers at US universities
Clashes between pro-Palestinian protestors with supporters of Israel at UCLA

Over the last two weeks, pro-Palestinian protests have been held on a daily basis at university campuses across the US. The nationwide support for the Palestinian people comes amid the Biden administration’s all-out support for Israel and its relentless massacre of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

Biden signed a $95 billion war aid measure into law a few days ago. According to the law, the United States will send weapons and military equipment to Israel and Ukraine.

According to the US media, the student protesters have called on their universities to sever financial ties with the Israeli regime or any other individuals or states that support the war in Gaza.

Since the start of the war in Gaza, over 34,000 mostly children and women, have been killed in Gaza. Many world leaders and international bodies have called for an immediate ceasefire in the enclave.


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