Apr 29, 2024, 12:36 PM
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Spox: Iran determined to consolidate regional stability, security

Apr 29, 2024, 12:36 PM
News ID: 85460581
Spox: Iran determined to consolidate regional stability, security

Tehran, IRNA – Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Nasser Kanaani stated that hosting the Iran Expo 2024 demonstrates Iran’s serious commitment to consolidating stability, security, and sustainable development in the region.

Kanaani emphasized that strengthening relations with all Persian Gulf states is crucial for achieving stability, collective security, peace, and sustainable development throughout the region. He also highlighted Iran’s role as a harbinger of friendship and brotherhood among regional countries.

According to Kanaani, Iran believes that regional countries can attain security, prosperity, and sustainable development by working together based on common interests.

Iran Expo 2024 offers a valuable opportunity for dialogue among officials from Iran and more than 22 participating countries, he stated.

The exhibition represents a significant achievement for the Iranian government, he said, underscoring Iran’s active role in political and security matters aimed at stabilizing the region and countering threats to security.

The large number of foreign participants in the exhibition further highlights Iran’s commitment to fostering international cooperation, he said.

Pro-Palestine sit-ins

Kanaani pointed to the widespread pro-Palestine rallies and sit-ins at the United States’ universities, noting that what we are witnessing at American academic centers indicates that the world public opinion is vigilant when it comes to the issue of Palestine, and it also shows the depth of hatred towards the Zionist regime and the genocide in Gaza by Israeli regime with the support of the US and certain European governments.

Those, who think about justice, will not tolerate support of certain states for the Zionist regime's genocidal war, the spokesman said, adding that the American authorities cannot silence protesters by resorting to harsh treatment. The Foreign Ministry of Iran will not accept the crackdown on students, he said, expressing concern about such behavior, and urged the international community to intervene.

By dispatching police forces to university campuses, the US showed that it pursues a double standard policy when it comes to human rights mottos, he argued.

They (US officials) must allow students to express their viewpoints, the diplomat noted, adding that silencing the voices of students cannot stop legitimate demands of public opinion; thus, the world states and the advocates of the Zionist regime are expected to attach importance to the important issue.

Tehran-Riyadh ties

Relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia are on a natural path, the spokesman said, adding that the two countries witness the continued bilateral talks and consultations in the economic and political areas.

In his remarks, Kanaani said the presence of Saudi Arabia in the Iran Expo 2024 indicates common trade attitudes between Iran and the Arab country.

From the March 2023 announcement of the resumption of diplomatic ties between Tehran and Riyadh, economic issues were on the agenda, the spokesman added.

Referring to the presence of Iranian Finance and Economic Affairs Minister Ehsan Khandouzi in the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) meeting in Saudi Arabia, the spokesman said the Iranian delegation will make use of the existing opportunities for bilateral talks with the participating sides in the IsDB and the Davos 2024 in the Arab Muslim state.

He further predicted a bright future for Iran and Saudi Arabia as ambassadors in the respective countries pursue expansion of relations.

IRGC role in fighting terrorism

If it were not for the IRGC's role in fighting multilateral terrorism, the members of the European Parliament would have been exposed to terrorist threats behind the doors of the parliament, Kanaani said.

The IRGC is the biggest anti-terrorist force in the world, he said advising them to make the right decision and think correctly about the IRGC.

Terror attack in Russia

Any terrorist actions and operations against citizens or government premises in Russia or any other country are condemned, he said.

Iran is standing with its friends, including Russia, in fighting terrorism, he noted.

Terrorism is a common threat to all countries of the world, Kanaani stressed.

Some countries use terrorism as a tool to achieve their goals, but it is considered a threat to all countries in the region and the world.

Fighting terrorism requires strong and common determination, he reiterated.

Iran's water right in Hirmand

In the implementation of the treaty between Iran and Afghanistan, we demanded Iran's water rights from the Afghan side seriously at all levels, Kanaani said.

He added that about 112 million cubic meters of water have been released into Iran's borders.

US's role in Gaza war

The Foreign Ministry spokesman said that the US is one of the states pursuing the so-called normalization process between regional countries and the Zionist regime, which shows Washington is not seeking to play a role in a Gaza ceasefire, because if it wanted, it could stop financial, political, and arms support for Israel to help stop the war; therefore, the US administration could not prove its sincerity and capability in this respect.

Issue of Palestine

According to the diplomat, the issue of Palestine is one of the most important regional and international matters, and an immediate ceasefire is the most urgent necessity of the war on Gaza, which should be followed by reopening all crossings for the delivery of humanitarian aid into the besieged strip, adding that another significant issue is the prisoner swap between the Israeli regime and the Palestinian resistance movement.

Iran-Iraq agreement

Asked about the implementation of a security pact between Tehran and Baghdad, Kanaani said the 2023 Iran-Iraq Security Treaty is aimed at securing joint borders as well as meeting demands of the Iranian side regarding the fight against sources of insecurity around borders and inside both countries.

Iran’s demands from Iraq are fully clear, he said, noting that certain parts of the requests have been implemented and other parts are being pursued; however, Tehran expects Baghdad to completely implement the agreement, hoping for proper results in this regard.


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