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British military forces to be targeted if deployed in Gaza, PFLP warns

Tehran, IRNA - The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) has warned that Palestinian resistance fighters will target British forces if they are deployed in Gaza.

According to Sama news, the PFLP said in a statement: "We warn Britain or any other country against deploying forces on the land or coasts of the Gaza Strip, because we will deal with them as occupying forces, and they will be legitimate targets for resistance."

The statement added that the justifications for dispatching these forces to provide [aid to the people of Gaza] are a lie that deceives no one, and the presence of foreign military forces in Gaza is for sinister colonial objectives and to maintain the security of the Zionist regime.

"The party that wants to help our people must put pressure to stop the attacks, break the siege, and allow the entry of aid through the official crossings in the Gaza Strip, under Palestinian management and supervision," the PFLP added.

On Sunday, The Guardian newspaper quoted a source close to the UK Ministry of Defence as saying that the government in London is studying a plan to dispatch its military forces to contribute to the delivery of humanitarian aid into Gaza.

According to paper, the British troops would be tasked to escort trucks from a US-made pier into Gaza.  


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