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President Raisi: Informal trade between Iran and Pakistan should become formal

Tehran, IRNA - Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi considered the border of more than 900 kilometers between Iran and Pakistan to be a valuable opportunity for the development, prosperity and prosperity of the border areas, and said that the informal trade between the two countries should be converted into formal trade.

President Raisi stated that the relations between the two countries are rooted in the history, civilization, culture and common beliefs of the two nations, and has created an unbreakable bond between the two nations, adding that the devotion of the two nations to a famous and renowned personality such as Imam Khomeini is due to his spirit of godliness, anti-arrogance and anti-colonialism.

"The people of the two countries consider Imam Khomeini as epitome of godliness, justice, and a character who stood against the excesses of the colonial system and led the great nation of Iran to victory.

Raisi also described and specified Iqbal Lahori as a personality with an anti-colonial, anti-arrogance, justice-seeking, independence-seeking spirit and respected by the Islamic world and the people of Iran and Pakistan a personality like Muhammad Ali Jinnah is also a symbol of the people's desire for independence and anti-tyranny due to having the same spirit and characteristics.

"Pakistan became and like other anti-arrogant and justice-seeking characters, it has been and will be respected and noticed by the people of two countries and Muslim nations," he added.


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