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Images disprove claims Iran's air defenses were damaged in suspected Israeli attacks

Tehran, IRNA – Western media are claiming that the Zionist regime attacked the S-300 Air Defense System in Iran's central city of Isfahan last week. inflicting damage on the system. However, a closer look at satellite images taken from the site that host the systems show no damage was inflicted on the systems after the suspected attacks.

According to reports, the S-300 Air Defense System in Shahid Babaei Air Base in Isfahan was activated in the early hours of the morning on April 19.

The news of the incident became viral due to the tensions in the region and Iran's missile and drone response to the Zionist regime's attack on its consulate in Damascus that had taken place in mid-April.

Images disprove claims that Iran's air defenses were damaged in Israeli attacks

In such a situation in which official sources have kept silent and by recalling similar incidents in the past, satellite images can provide observers with a correct estimate of the incident.

The first satellite image was from Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) that was taken late on Friday. However, it did not provide details for the observers, and a next image released by Planet Lab could be more helpful.

The quality and accuracy of the image was not very good while there is a dark spot in it showing the location of the S300 system in Isfahan, which is specifically related to the location of the 30N6E2 fire control radar, nicknamed the Tombstone. It increased suspicions that a fire had taken place in the systems. However, a closer look at the image shows that what has been regarded as traces of a large fire was in fact the shadow of 30N6E2 on the ground. 

Even pro-Israeli media outlets in the West, including the CNN, have admitted that minor attacks believed to be launched by Israel or its agents last week on the air base in Isfahan failed to inflict any damage on the facility. 

"There does not appear to be any extensive damage at an air base purportedly targeted by an Israeli military strike, according to exclusive satellite images obtained by CNN from Umbra Space," CNN reported on April 20. 

Images disprove claims that Iran's air defenses were damaged in Israeli attacks

"The synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellite images were taken around 10:18 a.m. local time,"  the report added. 

"There does not appear to be any large craters in the ground and there are no apparent destroyed buildings. Additional visual satellite imagery will be needed to check for burn scars – which cannot be seen by SAR images -- around the complex," it said.

Another satellite image prepared by Planet Lab and published by Associated Press shows that there is no damage or signs of explosion and destruction in the S300 site of the Isfahan base and its radars.


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