Apr 23, 2024, 1:43 AM
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US report on human rights repeats past anti-Iran rhetoric

Apr 23, 2024, 1:43 AM
News ID: 85453686
US report on human rights repeats past anti-Iran rhetoric

New York, IRNA – The US State Department on Monday in its annual report entitled “Human Rights of Countries” has repeated its past rhetoric against Iran, accusing it of violating rights of its citizens in 2023.

According to IRNA, the US report, as usual, outlined an increase in government restrictions and violence against citizens while stressing that such restrictions worsened in a number of areas last year, accusations Iran has always called baseless and politically motivated.

The report has come up with a number of accusations against Iran such arbitrary arrest or detention by the government or its agents, disappearances, cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment of detainees, placing prisoners in dangerous conditions, transnational repression against individuals in other countries, punishment of family members for alleged crimes by another person, restrictions on freedom of expression, censorship on Internet.

The US State Department also claimed that women continued to face pressure, especially in the field of compulsory hijab, which led to their civil disobedience.

Robert S. Gilchrist, the Senior US Official in the Bureau of Democracy and Human Rights of the State Department also answered questions on the human rights situation in Iran, repeating Washington's claims that the situation was still deteriorating in 2023 as “the Iranian government continued to target minorities, journalists and social activists”.

He continued anti-Iran rhetoric and said that the situation of women continued to deteriorate as well, and those who did not support the mandatory hijab faced harsh punishments while at the same time women's rights activists were sentenced.

Iran has always denounced the US human rights reports, calling them bias, interfering in the internal affairs of countries, double standards, not observing the principle of neutrality, and ignoring the cultures and lifestyles of the targeted countries.

The report comes just days after the US House of Representatives passed a resolution called the "Mahsa Amini Security and Human Rights Responsibility Law", which accused senior Iranian officials of violating human rights and supporting terrorism, without giving any evidence.

Amini, 22, died in September 2022 in hospital three days after she collapsed inside a police station in Tehran following her arrest for violating the country’s hijab laws. 

Her death sparked waves of protests in several cities, which turned violent after hostile foreign media and intelligence services launched a misinformation campaign steering the protesters towards vandalism and rioting.

The State Department comes up with its annual report on human rights of other countries while the United States itself has a dark history of rights violations of African Americans, colored people and indigenous as well as other minority groups.

There are also numerous examples how the United States played roles in coups to overthrow democratically-elected governments and violating the sovereignty and independence of other countries.

The Islamic Republic of Iran, has time and again stressed the high importance of human rights enshrined in the Constitution and national laws and regulations, as well as the country's respect for its international obligations in this field.


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