Apr 21, 2024, 1:59 PM
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US House speaker calls Iran, Russia, China ‘axis of evil’ amid trio’s rising power in world

Tehran, IRNA – US House Speaker Mike Johnson has called Iran, Russia, and China “the axis of evil” as the three countries continue to counter what they see as unilateralism by Washington in the international arena.

"I believe that Xi, Putin and Iran are truly the axis of evil. I think they are coordinating their actions. I'm willing to take personal risks for this because we have to do the right thing”, Johnson said on Saturday.

He made the remarks as he defended his push for the approval of $95 billion in new military aid for Ukraine, Israel, and other allies of Washington, which many of his fellow Republicans opposed.

His comments came amid strong criticism of Russia, Iran, and China over US policies in the world.

The trio are opposed to Washington’s unilateral policies which they say only serve its own interests at the cost of harming those of other countries, while posing serious threats to global peace.

In the face of such policies, which at times saw sanctions being imposed on Russia, China, and Iran, the three countries have been forging their cooperation from military to economic fields, among others.

Moscow, Tehran, and Beijing have in recent years held several rounds of joint military exercises, with the latest one taking place in the Gulf of Oman in March 2024 to boost regional and global security.     

The trio have also moved to ditch the US dollar, using their own national currencies to counter what they call Washington’s use of its currency as a weapon to punish other countries.

Iran, Russia, and China are members of BRICS, a bloc of emerging economies that aims to boost economic cooperation among member states by adopting independent policies and working on de-dollarization. The bloc has now 9 members after it accepted new members including Iran in January 2024. It is set to expand further as a number of other countries including Colombia have expressed their interest to join.


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