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‘Iran nuclear facilities secure; country ready to fire powerful missiles’

Tehran, IRNA – A senior commander in Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has said that the country’s nuclear facilities are fully secure, and that Iran has its finger on the trigger to fire powerful missiles in response to a possible attack by the Israeli regime.

Brigadier General Ahmad Haghtalab, commander of the IRGC unit responsible for safeguarding Iran's nuclear sites made the comments on Thursday amid the Israeli regime’s threats of striking Iran in response to the weekend missile and drone attack by the Islamic Republic on the regime’s military targets.

Iranian authorities said that True Promise Operation, which saw hundreds of missiles and drones fired at Israeli targets, was to punish the regime for its airstrike on the Iranian consulate in Syria on April 1. They said the operation was calculated but limited in scale, promising a more decisive and stronger response in case of an Israeli attack on Iranian soil.

The IRGC commander echoed similar comments in an interview on Thursday, saying that the Iranian armed forces are in full readiness.

“The Zionist enemy’s nuclear facilities have been identified, and the Islamic Republic has accessed the necessary data on all targets. To respond to their possible action, we have fingers on the trigger to launch powerful missiles to destroy the identified targets.”

On Israeli threats to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities, he said that these threats are not something new. In addition, he added, the Zionist regime has over the past years carried out acts of sabotage and terrorism against Iran’s nuclear industry.

Although global protocols and standards as well as regulations by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) prohibit countries from attacking nuclear facilities, the Islamic Republic of Iran has always been ready to counter such threats, the commander said.

“Using passive defense and advanced equipment and thanks to the dispersion of nuclear facilities across the country, we are ready to counter any threats by the Zionist regime”, he said, noting that the Islamic Republic will hit the regime’s nuclear sites using advanced weapons if it takes action against Iranian nuclear facilities.

Haghtalab also said “If the fake Zionist regime intends to resort to the threat of attacking our nuclear facilities as a means to put pressure on Iran, reviewing the current doctrine and nuclear policies of the Islamic Republic and distancing from past considerations is possible and conceivable.”

“If the Zionist regime conducts any aggressive action against Iran, the type of the response will be determined by the Iranian armed forces’ prudence, and it [the regime] should be certain that the blow they will receive from the Iranian armed forces will be remembered in history like True Promise Operation,” the commander further said.


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