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Hezbollah: Iran courageously fulfilled promise to respond to Israeli aggression

Tehran, IRNA – The Lebanese resistance movement, Hezbollah, has congratulated Iran on its victorious military action against the Israeli regime, saying that the Islamic Republic courageously acted to fulfill its promise to respond to the Israeli aggression against the Iranian consulate in Syria.

Hezbollah issued a statement on Sunday after Iran launched hundreds of missiles and drones on Israeli targets late on Saturday to punish the regime for its April 1 strike on the Iranian diplomatic mission.

Hezbollah called Iran’s attack unprecedented and unique, and hailed the country’s courageous and wise decision to firmly respond to the regime’s aggression.

The resistance movement said in its statement that the Islamic Republic, despite facing threats and pressures, upheld its natural and legal right and courageously fulfilled its promise to respond based on an excellent understanding of the situation in the region and the world.

Despite cooperation by the US and its international allies and regional partners to repel this lightning attack, the military purposes of the Iranian operation were achieved, Hezbollah said, adding that “the long-term political and strategic goals of this big change will gradually appear”.

The movement said that a new phase will also be created as long as the whole Palestinian issue and the decades-long conflict with the Zionist regime is concerned.


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