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Seven key points on Iran’s attack on Israeli regime

Tehran, IRNA – Iran launched its retaliatory attack on Israeli targets late on Saturday in response to the regime’s strike on the Iranian consulate in Syria earlier in April. Now, there are seven points regarding the Iranian military action to punish the regime, which highlight different dimensions of the major operation.

First and foremost, the Iranian attack was the first direct confrontation between the Islamic Republic and the fake Zionist regime. This is very significant in terms of historical issues. Effective attacks deep inside the occupied territories has been an unfulfilled dream of Islamic countries since 1967, which have now come true thanks to efforts by the cradle of resistance in the region. For the first time ever, Iranian aircraft attacked enemies of Al-Aqsa Mosque in the skies over this holy site.

The second point is that the Iranian military action, which was in response to the Israeli aggression on the country’s diplomatic premises in Damascus, displayed the Islamic Republic’s fulfillment of its promise to punish the aggressor.

The Iranian attack took place at a time when Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, through striking the Iranian diplomatic mission, was trying to escape the pressure caused by the regime’s heavy defeat in Gaza and attract the attention of fragmented public Zionist opinion to sham victories. But the firm punishment of the Zionist regime left Netanyahu’s far-right cabinet with empty hands to gain any achievement.

The third point is that the Islamic Republic’s attack on Israeli positions is the second strategic assault on the regime following the Palestinian Al-Aqsa Storm Operation on October 7. The Al-Aqsa Storm Operation increased the popularity of Palestinian resistance groups. The military action to show the Islamic Republic’s fulfillment of its promise will also significantly help increase popular support for Iran in the region. That comes in addition to the fact that both the Al-Aqsa Storm Operation and the Iranian military action eliminated the fake grandeur and prestige of the Zionist regime.

Fourth, the IRGC operation was carried out as world media outlets earlier reported the imminent occurrence of the attack. The maximum readiness by the Zionist regime and the political, diplomatic, intelligence, and military supports by the US and other allies of the regime had shaped the speculation that Iran's military operation would be defused by the defense systems of the regime and its allies. But, despite the Zionists’ expectation to be able to counter Iran's weapons, numerous images prove that Iranian drones and missiles successfully hit predetermined military targets and that the defense systems of the US and the UK failed. The scale, precision, and strategic planning of the operation caught the Zionists off guard with shock and surprise.

Fifth, the punitive operation from Iran to the occupied territories was carried out encompassing two vast geographical areas in both regions (the launching points and the destinations), clearly demonstrating Iran’s full readiness for any circumstances.

Sixth, the publication of the early announcement by the IRGC concerning the commencement of the hybrid operation against Israel, hours before the reaching of the missiles and drones to the occupied territories, indicates the level of Iran’s preparedness, self-confidence, and assurance of the successful punishment of the regime as well as the Islamic country’s internal consolidation.

Seventh, the usage of hundreds of missiles and drones in the recent as well as the intensiveness of the punitive operation will likely make the authorities of the Zionist regime realize that any reaction or response to Tehran can pave the ground for even more devastating attacks by Iran against Israel.

Initial evidence and reports from Western media outlets on the lack of support by US President Joe Biden for the Zionist regime in the event of its aggressive reaction against Iran, if true, indicate an understanding of this matter by the main supporter of the Zionist regime. Now, the authorities of the regime must decide whether they intend to face destruction before the set day or reconsider their irrational policies by accepting the consequences of the attack on the Iranian consulate.


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