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Sirens sound as Iranian missiles, drones hit Israeli targets: media

Tehran, IRNA – Chaos prevails across the occupied territories as the Zionist media report the arrival of Iranian drones in the early hours of Sunday, with some news sources reporting the sounding of alarm sirens in the north of occupied Palestine.

IRNA has cited sources as saying that the sound of sirens was heard in the al-Jalil region in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Reports indicate that some Iranian drones or missiles have already reached the skies in the occupied territories. They say that the flight of luminous objects likely Iranian drones or missiles can be clearly seen entering and possibly hitting various targets.

The sound of successive explosions can be heard in different areas of the occupied territories, Al Jazeera news channel announced.

CNN also claimed that the defense system of the Zionist regime possibly intercepted some Iranian drones in the sky.

Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps announced on Saturday night that it has fired dozens of drones and missiles toward the positions of the Zionist regime in response to numerous crimes, including a recent deadly attack on the consular section of the Iranian embassy in Damascus.

Alarm siren sound as Iranian drones arrive: Zionist media

The reports of the retaliatory Iranian strikes have caused chaos and fear psychosis among Zionists, with the media reporting attacks on stores.

Thousands of Zionist settlers were seen rushing to nearby stores to stockpile food, drinking water and other essentials, According to IRNA's report from Al-Mayadeen.

The military authorities of the Zionist regime have asked settlers in the occupied areas to take refuge in safe places.

Iran's military response to the Zionist regime also prompted the mayor of occupied city of Haifa to declare a state of emergency there, another report said.


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