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‘Zionists have no adherence to humanitarian, international laws’

Tehran, IRNA - Iran’s Parliament Speaker Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf saying the Zionist regime with its latest heinous and horrible crime, proved that it does not have the slightest adherence to humanitarian principles and international law.

Iran’s top parliamentarian made the remarks in a condolence message addressed to Ismail Haniyeh, the Palestinian Hamas resistance movement’s Political Bureau chief, on Wednesday.

According to IRNA's parliamentary reporter, Ghalibaf expressed regret and sorrow over the martyrdom of three of the children of Haniyeh in a targeted assassination by the Zionist regime.

Once again, the real and cruel face of this child-killing regime was revealed to the world as it continued its shameful crimes against the oppressed Palestinian people, he said in his message, adding that “this heinous and horrible crime further exposed the regime’s ferocity and cowardice”

I express my sympathy with the struggling and oppressed Palestinian nation and resistance front and offer condolences to all over the martyrdom of their loved ones and pray for patience and reward for the survivors, Ghalibaf concluded his message.


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