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Nasrallah says retaliation of consulate attack is Iran’s natural right

Tehran, IRNA – Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah has said that the Americans and the Zionists have come to know that Iran’s response to last week attack on Iranian consular mission in Damascus is on the way, stressing that it is Iran’s natural right to retaliate.

Nasrallah made the remarks addressing a ceremony in southern Beirut to commemorate Mohammadreza Zahedi, a senior Iranian general who was martyred in the Zionist attack against the consulate.

Targeting Iranian advisers in the country's consulate in Damascus is the highest level of Zionist aggression against Syria in the past several years, he said, adding that the attack occurred due to Tel Aviv’s defeat in the “world war against Syria” in which the Zionist regime was also involved.

Nasrallah stressed two points about this attack, saying that it was firstly an aggression against the Iranian soil and the second point was the level of the attack as it targeted General Zahedi who was the head of the Iranian military advisors in Syria and Lebanon.

He further noted that this fight is not merely aimed at liberating the religious sites, rather it seeks to free the Ummah from the projects of the occupiers and looting.  

Netanyahu will hamper the ceasefire talks, Nasrallah said, arguing that the establishment of ceasefire will be the end of the Likud party.


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