World Quds Day will have strategic impact on Palestinians' fate: Analyst

Tehran, IRNA – Hassan Hanizadeh, a regional political expert, has said that World Quds Day will have strategic impacts on the fate of Palestinians.

In an exclusive interview with IRNA on Thursday, Hanziadeh emphasized the significance of holding the 2024 World Quds Day in light of the recent developments in the region and the six-month war in Gaza.

He noted that World Quds Day serves as a crucial point in the ongoing struggle of Islamic and free nations against the arrogant and allied powers of the Zionist regime, believing that this event will have a strategic impact on the fate of the Palestinian people.

Hanziadeh said that the senseless killing of women and children in Gaza has provoked public outrage so that even the Western allies of the Zionist regime, including the US, are no longer able to pay any more political costs for Israel.

He emphasized that the main concern for the US and Europe is not the collapse of Benjamin Netanyahu's cabinet, but rather the potential migration of Zionists from the occupied territories to Western countries. This migration could lead to Israel entering a cycle of collapse, which is the primary concern for the US and Europe.


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