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Yemen salvation govt says continues operation in Red Sea till end of attacks on Gaza

Tehran, IRNA – Foreign Ministry of Yemen’s national salvation government has announced it will continue its operations in the Red Sea till aggression against Gaza stops.

The Yemeni Foreign Ministry made the announcement early on Tuesday in response to the United Nations Security Council’s statement on Yemen's operations.

Such a statement indicated that the Security Council has bowed to the US will to support the brutality of the Israeli regime in Gaza, it added.

It is shameful that the Security Council could not issue a statement to condemn Israeli regime’s massacre in Gaza after about 200 days, but it codemns Yemen’s Ansarullah movement for its supporting measures for the Palestinians in the Red Sea.

The UN Security Council had better to prevent dispatch of the US facilities to Israel through which the regime has been killing women and children in Gaza, the Yemeni ministry said.

It also stressed that operations in the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea are interrelated with the developments in Gaza.

In a relevant development, Abdul Malik al-Ajri a member of negotiating delegation of Yemen’s national salvation government has commented on the Security Council’s statement, describing it as worthless.

He noted that the UN Security Council has not the right to ask others to respect the international regulations as the body is not capable of compelling the Israeli regime to follow those regulations and stop genocide in Gaza.

On Monday (March 18), the UN Security Council has condemned Yemen’s Ansarullah attacks on commercial ships in the Red Sea.

Yemen’s Air Forces has already announced they will not stop carrying out operations against Israeli-linked ships until the end of the war in Gaza.

Since the start of war in Gaza on October 7, 2023, over 31,000 Palestinians mostly children and women have been killed in Gaza.


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