Iran raises alarm about Israel’s plan to forcibly displace Palestinians

Tehran, IRNA - Iran’s permanent representative to the United Nations Office and other international organizations in Geneva has raised the alarm about a “deliberate policy” by the Israeli regime to wear down Palestinians and drive them from their homeland.

“We are deeply concerned about the implementation of this policy and the deliberate actions of the occupiers, which are aimed at totally eliminating the resilience of the Palestinian people against the occupation,” Ali Bahraini said on Monday while addressing the 55th meeting of the UN Human Rights Council.

Referring to the ongoing war of genocide in the Gaza Strip, he said the world has not witnessed such a dire humanitarian situation in the eight decades of Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories.

The Iranian envoy condemned the killing by Israeli forces of more than 150 UN employees in Gaza since the war began early in October.

“Making accusations against humanitarian agencies in Gaza and disrupting their activities …is part of the agenda of the Israeli occupying forces to force people to leave their homes,” he said.

The Israeli regime has accused the United Nations Relief and Works Agency of being involved in the Hamas-led attack against the occupying entity on October 7. The allegation has prompted a number of Israel’s western allies to suspend funding for UNRWA, the main provider of humanitarian aid in Gaza.

The UN and other international organizations have warned that Gaza is on the verge of famine as the Israeli regime has imposed a total siege on the enclave.


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