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‘Germany seeking to cover up human rights violations in Palestine’

Tehran, IRNA – Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Nasser Kanaani says that Germany is resorting to making allegations to cover up the violation of human rights in Palestine.

What Germany has commented in the recent meeting of the United Nations Human Rights Council to accuse Iran was a fruitless attempt to cover up the country's support for Israeli regime’s occupation, Kanaani said on Wednesday in reaction to the European country.

Germany’s move is indicative of the country’s indifference to the flagrant violation of human rights and humanitarian rights in Palestine, he noted.

It is a bitter irony that some Western governments, with a record of full-scale support for human rights violators and a direct role in supplying and equipping the Saddam’s regime with chemical weapons during the imposed war against Iran, as well as all-out support for the genocide of the Zionist regime in Gaza, claim to advocate human rights, he underlined.

The German authorities, under the pretext of advocating human rights and resorting to politicizing them, intervene in the internal affairs of other countries and boost their country's economy as they intensify the activities of their ammunition factories, he underscored.  

He advised Germany not to take advantages of original and valuable human rights concept in political contexts by so-called humanitarian, unrealistic recommendations.

The disastrous conditions in Gaza and the West Bank and the worrying situation of Palestinian residents and displaced people in the Rafah region are proof of the failed policies of the so-called advocates of human rights, he said.

If Germany and its allies seek to protect human rights, they need to set up a special fact-finding group as the Zionist regime has killed 30,000 defenseless civilians, more than 70% of whom were women and children, to show the honesty of their claims to the people of the world, he stated.


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