Feb 25, 2024, 2:11 AM
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Yemen targets American oil tanker in response to US-UK aggression

Feb 25, 2024, 2:11 AM
News ID: 85397270
Yemen targets American oil tanker in response to US-UK aggression

New York, IRNA - US Central Command in the Middle East known as CENTCOM has announced an attack on an American-flagged oil tanker in the Gulf of Aden off the Yemen coast.

CENTCOM said, in a statement, on Saturday night that a missile was fired from Yemen and the target was most likely vessel TORM THOR, a tanker under the flag of the United States, according to IRNA correspondent in New York.

USS Mason, an Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer shot down the incoming missile with an anti-ship ballistic missile, the statement said.

The Yemeni armed forces, in a statement, have also confirmed that they targeted the oil tanker with a suitable number of missiles after American and British warplanes attacked Sana'a.

The statement added that an American warship in the Red Sea was also targeted with drones, emphasizing that such attacks are in defense of the country but it was immediately not known if the warship sustained any damage.

The Yemeni response came just hours after American and British warplanes once again targeted the Arab country in the early hours of Sunday local time, media reports said

Smoke caused by explosions was seen in the sky of Sana'a but details of the attacks or possible casualties and damage remained unclear.

Local media reported that attacks targeted several areas in the east of Sana'a, as well as some places in Amran and Hudaydah provinces.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon announced that American and British forces, with the support of 6 other countries, attacked 18 targets in eight places in Yemen.

Underground weapons storage facilities, missile storage facilities, drones, air defense systems, radars and a helicopter were attacked, it said.

Missile fired at US-flagged tanker in Gulf of Aden: CENTCOM

However, in the continuation of the latest statement from the Yemeni army, it is stated that the Arab country and its people would fulfill their religious, moral and humanitarian duties toward the Palestinian people and would continue their anti-Israel operations until the attacks on Gaza do not stop and the siege of the Palestinian people continues.

Yemeni forces launched their operations against Israeli or Israeli-bound ships in the Red Sea but over the past month, they have intensified attack on US and British ships in retaliation for the two countries’ aggression against Yemeni.

On Friday, American media quoted officials as saying that President Joe Biden's administration has faced problems despite pressure and attacks on the Yemeni armed forces under the pretext of stopping their attacks against ships in the Red Sea.


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