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‘Israel keeps denying inalienable rights of Palestinian nation’

Tehran, IRNA -- Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman has lambasted Israel for deliberately denying the rights of the Palestinians, including their right to self-determination and the formation of an independent Palestinian state.

Nasser Kanaani, in a message on X social network referred to the recent announcement by Israel’s Knesset and the far-right cabinet under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu against an independent Palestinian state.

“The opposition to an independent Palestinian state once again exposed the ugly face as well as warmongering and occupying nature of this regime”, Kanaani wrote.

The spokesman added: The Israeli regime, like in the past, intends to keep denying and ignoring the inalienable and undeniable rights of the Palestinian nation, including an independent state on the historical land of Palestine.

“The deceitful approach of the regime is based on false claims of peace and fruitless past agreements, which the Zionist leaders have been promising with trick and deception over the past few decades”, Kanaani noted.

The Iranian foreign ministry spokesperson underlined that the Palestinian nation and resistance are aware of the sinister plots of the Zionists and consider that they would overcome the current crisis only with the formation of an independent Palestinian state with al-Quds as its capital.

He further said that Iran and other freedom-loving and right-seeking countries support the demands and rights of the Palestinian people, which have been denied for more than 7 decades.

Kanaani stressed the need for a national referendum to allow Palestinians exercise their right to self-determination, adding that the only way to end the war and bloodshed and return peace and security to the region is to respect ballots and decision of original inhabitants of Palestine.


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