Raisi urges Muslims to adhere to Quran teachings and rise against Israel

Tehran, IRNA -- Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has called on Muslim nations to adhere to the teachings of the Holy Quran and stand up to the Zionist regime.

If all Islamic countries had been guided by the Quran and were ‘the enemy of the oppressors and ally of the friends’, the Zionist regime would not have dared to massacre the Palestinians in Gaza, the president said at the closing ceremony of an international Quran event in Tehran on Wednesday.

President Raisi said the United States is “the axis of all evil” in the world today, adding that if Muslims had been guided by their holy book and the teachings of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), the US would not have been able to veto UN resolutions demanding a ceasefire in Gaza.

On Tuesday, the US again shielded the Israeli regime at the UN Security Council by vetoing a UN resolution, drafted by Algeria, which called for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza, where more than 29,000 Palestinians have been killed since October 7.

“In Gaza, integrity is pitted against evil. What you witness today is because the Quran has been abandoned, allowing for so much oppression to happen to Palestine,” Raisi said.


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