Feb 21, 2024, 8:45 PM
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Russian Iranologists hold conference in Moscow

Feb 21, 2024, 8:45 PM
News ID: 85394592
Russian Iranologists hold conference in Moscow

Moscow, IRNA – Iranologists and Russian academics of the Persian language and literature came together in the capital Moscow on Wednesday for their seventh conference aimed at studying the Iranian civilization.

Iranian cultural and political representatives also attended the conference that was organized by the Iranian Embassy in Moscow.

In his address to the conference, Mohammad Hossein Rajabi-Davani, the head of the Iranology Foundation in Moscow, hailed Russian orientalists and experts for their studies on Islam, which he said were conducted with the aim of giving a better understanding of civilizations including the Iranian civilization.

That’s while Western countries began studying Islam centuries ago with the aim of weakening Muslims and preventing the spread of Islam, he added.  

“In Russian orientalists’ works, we cannot see any sort of ill wishes against Islam and Iran; so, there is a clear difference between studies in Russia and the US and Western European states”, he said, noting that Iranology should not be limited to past time, and must also focus on modern Iran.

Rajabi-Davani called on Russian scholars to focus on nullifying Islamophobic attempts in the West.

Hassan Khalaj Monfared, the managing director of the Scientific and Academic Cooperation Department of Iran’s Islamic Culture and Communication Organization, addressed the conference as well.

He highlighted the role played by Russian Iranologists and Iranian experts in expanding ties between the two countries, saying that both groups provide true images of each other’s countries to help prevent enemies’ attempts to sow discord between the two nations.

Iranian Ambassador to Moscow Kazem Jalali also said at the conference that both countries should take lessons from history and stop being locked in the past in order to develop a relationship with a positive outlook for future cooperation.


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