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Hamas: US veto of truce resolution greenlit Israeli genocide on Gaza

Tehran, IRNA – The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas has strongly condemned the US veto of a UN Security Council resolution proposed by Algeria for a ceasefire in Gaza.

Hamas said in a statement that US President Joe Biden and his administration are directly responsible for blocking the ceasefire resolution to end the Zionist regime’s war on the besieged Gaza Strip.

“The resolution called for an immediate ceasefire for humanitarian reasons and opposed the displacement of Palestinians, and its failure means a lack of international will for a ceasefire and is in line with serving the Nazi occupation regime, whose goal is to kill and displace the Palestinian nation,” it said.

The statement further said that Washington’s veto means giving the occupiers a green light to continue its aggression, killing and bombing against the defenseless Palestinian nation.

On Tuesday, the United States once again vetoed a UN Security Council resolution calling for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza.

It marked the third time Washington used its veto power in favor of the Israeli regime since it launched a bloody war on Gaza on October 7 last year.


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