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Supreme Leader: Final version of human prosperity presented in revelation

Tehran, IRNA – Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has underscored that the complete, final, perpetual, and everlasting version of human happiness, whether in this world or the hereafter, was presented to the great Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) during the revelation.

Ayatollah Khamenei received a number of senior authorities and Islamic countries' ambassadors in Tehran on Thursday.

A number of top military and state Iranian officials as well as diplomats from Muslim countries went to Imam Khomeini Hussainia in the capital Tehran to meet the Supreme Leader on the occasion of Eid al-Mab'ath, the anniversary of the day Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) received his first revelation and was chosen as Allah's final messenger.

In the meeting, the Supreme Leader extended congratulations to all Iranian people and Muslim nations on the occasion of the Eid al-Mab'ath, noting that this event marks one of the greatest events in human history.

He also hailed the Eid al-Mab'ath as an event when the full directions aimed at bringing mankind prosperity in this world and the other  were revealed to the great Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

The Supreme Leader also pointed to the issue of Gaza, noting that the agony of the Gaza Strip is the woe of all human-beings and that it proves the current world order is void and this world order cannot continue.

Referring to the massacre of nearly 30,000 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, the Supreme Leader noted that the US, the UK, and many European states are supporting the criminal Israeli regime. The US provides the regime with money, weapons, and political assistance, making it culpable in the bitter genocide in Gaza, he added.

Ayatollah Khamenei also argued that the way out of the crisis in Gaza is for world powers and Western states to cease interfering in the issue. Palestinian resistance fighters have demonstrated their capability to stand against the regime, managing the battleground effectively. Up to now, the enemy has been unable to inflict a heavy blow upon them.

The world nations are expected to exert pressure on their governments to halt support for the Israeli regime militarily, politically, and economically, he urged.


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