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Revolution made Islam, Shiism prominent in Iran: Russian philosopher

Moscow, IRNA - Aleksandr Dugin, a Russian philosopher says the Iranian civilization has a long history but it was only after the Islamic revolution under Imam Khomeini, the importance of Islam and the teachings of Shiism became prominent in this country.

Dugin hailed post-Islamic revolution Iran during his meeting with the Iranian ambassador in Moscow who was accompanied by two advisors to the Iranian foreign minister.

According to a report received from the Iranian embassy in Moscow on Thursday morning, this Russian philosopher stated that Western culture and civilization has been the enemy of both Russian and Iranian civilizations.

“Iran and Russia uphold their traditional values ​​and want to shape the multipolar world together”, he underlined while exchanging views with the Iranian diplomats.

Dugin also said that such an approach was not prevalent in Russia before as it had many opponents, but in the contemporary era, this type of thinking is considered to be the main stream in the Russia society.

Revolution made Islam, Shiism prominent in Iran: Russian philosopher

Kazem Jalali, the Iranian ambassador, for his part, underlined the need for reciprocal relations between Moscow and Tehran.

“Iran-Russia relations are developing and consolidating in various fields based on the will of the authorities of the two countries and the neighborhood policy of the Iranian president”, he said, adding that the role of thinkers and decision makers are key and central to such relations.

In the meeting, Meysam Amroudi, the cultural advisor to the Iranian foreign minister said the two countries have common views on the civilizational changes in international relations and global developments and emphasized the need for discussions between Iranian and Russian intellectuals in this regard.

Yousef Nouri, scientific advisor to the Iranian foreign minister also expressed his views on the importance of scientific diplomacy in the relations between Iran and Russia.


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