Feb 6, 2024, 8:37 PM
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New rocket attack hits northern occupied Palestine

Feb 6, 2024, 8:37 PM
News ID: 85379261
New rocket attack hits northern occupied Palestine

Tehran, IRNA – The Lebanese Resistance movement has targeted the Zionist regime's positions in northern occupied Palestine.

Lebanon’s Al Mayadeen TV network reported on Tuesday that several Zionist bases including “Birket Risha”, “Zarit Battalion”, and “Western Galilee” in northern occupied Palestine were targeted by several missiles from Lebanese territory.

The report added that several rockets were also launched from Lebanon towards the "Meskav Am" site and the "Ramim" area.

Also, several explosions occurred in the “Margaliot” settlement near the Lebanese border due to the attacks launched from Lebanese territory.

According to the statement issued by Hezbollah, the Islamic Resistance fighters targeted the Al-Marj occupation site and a gathering of “Israeli” enemy soldiers in its vicinity with artillery shells.

Earlier on Tuesday, Hezbollah conducted attacks on the Margaliot settlement in northern occupied Palestine.

Hezbollah said in a statement that it had targeted the Israeli-controlled Ramim barracks with two Burkan missiles.

This barracks was directly targeted by a Hezbollah missile and the Zionist regime suffered casualties in this attack, it added.

The Zionist regime waged the Gaza war on October 7 after the Palestinian resistance movement, Hamas, carried out a surprise operation into the occupied territories in retaliation for the regime’s ceaseless atrocities against the Palestinian people over the past seven decades.

With the Israeli war continuing unabated and amid a rising civilian death in Gaza, resistance movements and groups in the region, including Lebanon’s Hezbollah, Yemen’s Ansarullah, and Iraq’s fighters launched military operations against US and Israeli interests in an effort to exert pressure on the regime to end its genocidal war.


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