Feb 6, 2024, 3:34 AM
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US attacks on Iraq, Syria deplored at UNSC meeting

Feb 6, 2024, 3:34 AM
News ID: 85378094
US attacks on Iraq, Syria deplored at UNSC meeting

New York, IRNA - The United Nations Security Council has warned about the high human and economic costs of regional conflicts as it convened on Monday evening to discuss recent American attacks on Iraq and Syria where Washington was widely criticized for its military actions against the two Arab countries.

Our reporter at the United Nations informed that the Security Council held a session entitled “International Peace and Security”, under the chairmanship of Guyana, which has the rotating presidency of the 15-member UN body.

The meeting was opened with an address by Rosemary DiCarlo, the Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations for Political Affairs, who reiterated the request of the Secretary-General for all parties to avoid going to the edge of the abyss.

US deplored for Iraq, Syria attacks in UNSC meeting

She warned that everyone needs to consider the unbearable human and economic cost of a potential regional conflict.

“I once again emphasize the request for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza on humanitarian reasons”, DiCarlo said, adding that the Security Council must continue to actively engage all parties to prevent further escalation of tensions that undermine regional peace and security.

Russia raps US policies in Mideast

The Russian ambassador and permanent representative to the United Nation directly blamed the United States for fueling the flames of regional conflict, saying Washington does not want the solutions to the problems.  

“The US and British attacks on Yemen are a threat to international peace and security, and they continue to violate international laws”, Vasily Nebenzia warned, in reference to recent American and British aggression against Yemen under the pretext of safeguarding the Red Sea.  

US deplored for Iraq, Syria attacks in UNSC meeting

The Russian ambassador underlined that that Washington continues with its destructive policy in the Middle East and tries to gain credibility before the presidential elections. “America is not looking for a solution to the problems of the region, but looking for its control."

Nebenzia further told the Security Council that the United States’ refusal to call for a ceasefire in Gaza doubles the risk of instability in the already unstable region.

He warned that the ongoing war is not limited to Palestine, Lebanon and Yemen as Washington has expanded it now to Syria and Iraq, a reference to American airstrikes on Syria and Iraq this week that prompted widespread condemnations.

'World should condemn US military actions'

China's ambassador and representative to the United Nations also slammed the United States’ military adventurism in the Middle East and urged the international community to deplore America's actions.

“The US attacks on Iraq and Syria were gross violations of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of these two countries,” Zhang Jun clarified.

US deplored for Iraq, Syria attacks in UNSC meeting

The Chinese diplomat also accused the United States of its policies including breach of international law, saying Washington is not looking for peace, rather expanding the conflict in the region.

“These actions increase tensions in the Middle East”, Zhang stated, adding that the main reason for the escalation of tension is the non-implementation of the ceasefire in Gaza.

He emphasized that the world is at a critical crossroads that determines the future as the fate is common to all countries.

Call to respect sovereignty 

The Algerian ambassador and representative to the United Nations highlighted the need for the respect of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Iraq and Syria

US deplored for Iraq, Syria attacks in UNSC meeting

The Middle East is on the verge of collapse”, Amar Bendjama warned, adding that the spread of conflicts to Iraq and Syria could greatly endanger the entire region.

The envoy, on behalf of his country, called on all parties in the region to exercise restraint and avoid escalating tensions.

US, UK justify defiant behaviors

Despite widespread criticisms at the Security Council, the American and British representatives to the United Nations, in this meeting, justified their countries’ military actions against Syria and Iraq.

The envoys of the two veto-welding countries also reiterated anti-Iran rhetoric for justifying their attacks on the two Arab countries.

British ambassador, Barbara Woodward, also talked about the Red Sea but failed to clarify if the UN gave her country a mandate to carry out attacks on the Yemen soil.

“The purpose of our actions in the Red Sea is to save human lives and protect the freedom of international shipping”, She claimed,

Woodward failed to regret over the UK’s violation of international law and the UN charter by launching attacks on Yemen but was quick to condemn what she called “the attacks on pro-Iranian militias in the Middle East”, without elaborating.

US deplored for Iraq, Syria attacks in UNSC meeting

Robert Wood, US ambassador and deputy representative to the United Nations, focused his speech on the killing of three American soldiers in an attack on a base in Jordan, without mentioning the killing of tens of thousands of civilians by the US-backed Zionist regime in the Gaza Strip.

“The killing of soldiers is unacceptable and the purpose of the United States in its attacks on Iraq and Syria was to protect Americans”, Wood claimed.

This senior American diplomat also justified aggression against Yemen, saying the attacks are in response to operations by the Yemeni army in the Red Sea.

This is while the Yemeni operations in the Red are only limited to Israeli-owned and Israeli-bound ship over the Arab country’s solidarity with the Palestinians.

US aggression breach of int'l law

Syria's Permanent Representative to the United Nations asked the Security Council to condemn Washington’s raids on his country and fulfill its responsibilities regarding the violation of international laws.

“American aggression led to the martyrdom and injury of dozens of people and the destruction of a number of civilian buildings as well as a historical place in Syria”, Qusay Al-Dahhak said.

US deplored for Iraq, Syria attacks in UNSC meeting

He clarified that the US military aggression against Syria is aimed at protecting its allies in the region and complementing Israel's repeated attacks on the Arab country.

He also accused successive American governments of interfering in the affairs of other countries, including Syria.

'Middle East crises are connected'

The representative of Iraq in the United Nations also told the Security Council said his country condemns any attack on its soil under "false and illogical pretexts".

“The crises in the Middle East are connected, and we have warned about the widening scope of the conflict in the region”, he said

The Iraqi envoy also emphasized that the Iraqi people will never allow their country to become the arena of political settlements.


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