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Conditions require for Gaza ceasefire deal: Senior Hamas official

Tehran, IRNA- A senior representative of the Palestinian resistance movement, Hamas, based in Lebanon has announced conditions for accepting a French proposal for a cease-fire in Gaza, saying the international community and Arab countries must guarantee its implementation.

Ali Baraka, the head of the Hamas National Relations Department outside Palestine said on Wednesday as talks involving several countries held in Paris to bring an end to the war on Gaza.

"Our determining factors for [the exchange of captives] are the cessation of the conflict, the establishment of a ceasefire, the reopening of the Rafah crossing, and the commitment of Arab countries and the international community to rebuild the Gaza Strip”, Baraka was quoted by the Al-Mayadeen network.

He added that the release Israeli captives will be against the freedom of all Palestinians languishing in Israeli jails.

According to Barak, Hamas political bureau chief Ismail Haniyeh who is in Egypt has the backing of all resistance groups to assess the ceasefire plan.

The Hamas official also spoke about the proposal for three-stage prisoners swap, with the first stage being a 45-day ceasefire for the release of civilians and the second stage for the release of soldiers, the duration of which has not been determined.

Baraka said that the third stage of the prisoner swap as well as the exchange of dead bodies remains indefinite, as well.

“We have heard verbally that the ceasefire may be extended, but we want the guarantee”, he said adding that one of the key demands of the Palestinians is the reconstructions of Gaza and the complete withdrawal of the Zionist regime from the strip.

Haniyeh has also said that Hamas is considering a response to the proposal of the Paris meeting on the ceasefire in Gaza. “Hamas' priority is to stop the war and push for the withdraw all Israeli soldiers from Gaza”

Negotiators from the Zionist regime, the United States, Egypt and Qatar reached an agreement in Paris on Sunday on a framework to stop the war and release Israeli captives held by Hamas.

US secretary of State Antony Blinken described the plan as "strong and convincing" in a joint press conference with his Qatari counterpart in Washington.

Haniyeh has also said the Hamas movement would welcome any serious and practical plan and initiative on the condition that it leads to the complete cessation of war, reconstruction of Gaza and lifting of the siege their and the release of Palestinian prisoners.


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