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Iran launches satellite, sets new record in height of its space launches

Tehran, IRNA – Iran has successfully placed a research satellite into a space orbit 750km above the Earth’s surface, with the minister of communications and information technology hailing it for setting a new record in the height of the country’s space launches.

This is the first time that Iranian satellite carriers have placed objects into the space at an orbit 750km above the Erath’s surface, Isa Zarepour said on Saturday as he announced the launch on Iranian social media platforms.

A new record was set, he noted, adding that the space launch was the tenth by the Islamic Republic under the administration of President Ebrahim Raisi.

The satellite, named Sorayya meaning Pleiades in Persian, was placed into orbit using domestically-made carrier Qaem 100.

Qaem 100 can carry objects weighing up to 100kg, the minister said, adding that the Sorayya satellite weighed 50 kg.

The Saturday launch was the third by Qaem 100, which works on solid fuel and has been produced by the Aerospace Unit of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps, he added.


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