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West silence on Gaza makes it accomplice to Israeli crimes: Malaysia PM

Tehran, IRNA - Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim has criticized Western countries for their quietness on what happening in the Gaza Strip, saying they are complicit in the Zionist regime’s brutal massacre of the Palestinian people with their silence.

According to Anadolu news agency, Ibrahim condemned the West for turning a blind eye to Israel's crimes. “This is the approach of Western countries while a vast majority of the international community has condemned Israel's evil and genocidal actions”, he wrote on his social media X account.

He reminded the world that since the onset of the war, the regime’s airstrikes and shelling as well as its ground invasion have claimed the lives of more than 24,000 Palestinians, mostly women and children.

"Series of brutal killings of innocent Palestinians by the Israeli regime is just a long-term extension", Ibrahim said, adding that seven decades of cruelty and crimes clearly show the hatred, disgust and hostility of the Israeli regime toward the Palestinian people.

“The root of the deep hostility of the Israeli regime against the Palestinian people lies in the racist, insidious and heinous views of the regime’s leaders”, the Malaysian premier underlined.

Ibrahim also praised South Africa for its action to bring Israel to the International Court of Justice. He said Malaysia, like other like-minded countries, fully supports the genocide lawsuit at the ICJ in order to oppose tyranny and support justice.

The government and people of Malaysia have repeatedly announced their extensive support for the Palestinian people since the Israeli regime launched its genocidal war on Gaza. Kuala Lumpur has also banned Israeli-flagged ships from docking in Malaysian ports since last month.


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