Jan 16, 2024, 7:21 PM
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US priority is to make insecurity in Afghanistan: Iran envoy

Jan 16, 2024, 7:21 PM
News ID: 85356473
US priority is to make insecurity in Afghanistan: Iran envoy

Islamabad, IRNA – Iranian President's special envoy for Afghanistan Hassan Kazemi Qomi has said that despite abject failure in Afghanistan, the Americans are still seeking to make insecurity and support terrorism, especially Daesh (ISIS) terrorist group in this country.

In an exclusive interview with an IRNA correspondent in Islamabad on Tuesday, Kazemi Qomi said that the Americans have not backed down from the region and Afghanistan despite their abject failure, noting that they follow the same previous goals with different operational strategies.

Describing the existence of instability and insecurity in Afghanistan as the US priority in the region, Kazemi Qomi noted that the Americans are following this policy in Afghanistan because they imagine that Afghanistan is the best place to confront its competitors and enemies such as China, Iran, and Russia.

Supporting terrorism, including ISIS is one of the US’ strategies to destabilize Afghanistan, he underlined, and said that all negative developments in Afghanistan have the most direct impact on the country’s neighbors.

Terrorism knows no border, so the fight against terrorism must be followed up by all countries, he said, noting that neighboring countries should be vigilant to form comprehensive cooperation with Afghanistan in the field of restoring security.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Kazemi Qomi termed post-occupation Afghanistan as a new opportunity for neighbors and the region to converge on Afghanistan, saying that Iran and Pakistan have reached an agreement to engage with Kabul to help improve the situation in Afghanistan.

Accordingly a "regional contact group" was formed within the framework of the Kazan meeting and the members of the Moscow format to pursue regional cooperation with the rulers of Afghanistan, he added.

Kazemi Qomi reiterated that supporting the people of Afghanistan is the political criterion of the Islamic Republic of Iran, noting that this support is consistent in all aspects of mutual cooperation.


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