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Elections won’t change fact that Taiwan belongs to China: Beijing

Tehran, IRNA – China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi has reiterated his country’s sovereignty over Taiwan, saying the recently-held election and its results there will not change the basic fact that the self-ruled island is a part of China.

Wang, in reaction to the victory of William Lai Ching-te in Taiwan’s presidential election, said that there is only one China in the world and Taipei is part of it. 

“Taiwan's regional election is part of China's internal affairs, and its results do not change the general consensus of the international community to adhere to the One China principle”, he added.

The Chinese Foreign Minister emphasized further that Taiwan has never been a country and this issue has not been raised in the past and will never be raised in the future and independence of Taiwan will not occur.

Wang, however, issued a stern warning to those who are in pursuit of independence. “Whoever seeks Taiwan's independence disintegrates China's sovereignty and will be punished by history and law”, he said.

In Saturday’s presidential and parliamentary elections in Taiwan, Lai won as the island's new head of government, but his party failed to win a majority in the legislature.

China considers Lai to be a separatist and had announced prior to the vote that this election is a choice between war and peace.

Taiwan's election attaches great importance due to its disputed situation as China claims its sovereignty over the island and wants to link it with the mainland and has not ruled out the possible use of force to achieve its goal.


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