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Iraqi resistance warns it will hit US-led coalition targets after attacks on Yemen

Tehran, IRNA - The Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba, an Islamic resistance group based in Iraq, has reacted to the recent US-UK aggression against Yemen by warning that the "evil US and its treacherous allies" will be within the range of attacks by resistance groups in the region.

AN al-Najba’s representative in the Iranian capital Tehran issued a statement on Friday condemning the attack overnight on Yemeni cities by US and UK forces.

The statement said that a new US aggression has taken place against "dear Yemeni brothers" resulting in the martyrdom of civilians and innocent people before the eyes of the global public. 

It added that the American officials have once again shown their criminal nature and the fact that they do not care about international norms and laws, while they pursue merely their own agenda on the basis of a unipolar system. 

The movement also underlined that the interests of the US-led coalition will come under fire by all resistance groups in the region. 

We, as part of the Islamic Resistance in Iraq, will stand shoulder to shoulder with fighters of the Yemeni Ansarullah movement in their fight against the global arrogance and their confrontation with US bullying, said the statement. 


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