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Iran’s Tokyo embassy opens book of condolences for Kerman attack victims

Tehran, IRNA – The memorial book of condolences in honor of victims of the Kerman terrorist attacks that took place in Iran's southeastern province on Wednesday was opened for two days in the Iranian embassy in the Japanese capital city of Tokyo.

Some foreign ambassadors and diplomats in Japan on Tuesday participated in the Iranian embassy and consulate to sign the memorial book of condolences and express condolences to and sympathizes with the Iranian government and nation over the martyrdom of a number of Iranians in the terrorist attacks.

A senior official at the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs signed the memorial book of condolences on behalf of the Japanese government.

Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a message that strongly condemned the Kerman terror attack and expressed condolences to and sympathize with the Iranians.

Following the Kerman terrorist attack and in respect of the martyrs of this incident, and sympathizing with their noble families, the flag of the Islamic Republic of Iran was raised at half-mast at the embassy building of Iran in Japan.

The Kerman terrorist attacks took place after two explosions ripped through a route leading to the burial site of Iran’s anti-terror icon, General Qassem Soleimani, as people had gathered to mark the fourth anniversary of his assassination by the US.

The Daesh (ISIS) terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the attacks.


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