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More Zionists wounded in battles with resistance fighters in Gaza

Tehran, IRNA- Casualties among invading Zionist troops in Gaza are mounting as Israel's Soroka Hospital on Sunday confirmed the arrival of eight more injured soldiers in the past 24 hours.

The Palestinian news agency Sama says one of the injured brought to the hospital in the city of Beersheba, south of the occupied territories, is said to be in critical condition. 

According to staff at Soroka, which is one of Israel's leading medical centers, 2,478 troopers have been transferred there for treatment since the beginning of the regime’s war on the Gaza Strip. 

Based on this report, the condition of 14 soldiers transferred to Soroka Hospital is still critical while 35 more are undergoing treatment.

Israel has so far announced 687 fatalities and over 900 injuries among its troops since the Al-Aqsa Flood operation by the Palestinian resistance movement, Hamas. But media reports and Palestinians say the regime is hiding the real casualty figures due to fear of public reactions.

The Saraya al-Quds and the Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wings of Hamas and Islamic Jihad resistance movements have released numerous footage showing losses they have inflicted on the Israeli military since the regime launched a ground invasion of Gaza.

The fierce fighting is ongoing in Gaza as resistance groups are putting stiff resistance to invading Israeli forces with all available means. They have already destroyed dozens of armored vehicles and tanks inside the besieged territory.

The desperation of Tel Aviv is linked to its failure to strike a deal for a ceasefire or prisoner exchange and its resumption of bloodshed in Gaza after a brief December truce, in which, Hamas agreed on releasing 50 Israeli captives in exchange for 150 Palestinians illegally held in the regime’ jails.

Since the end of the temporary ceasefire, the Zionist occupying army has been bombing and shelling Gaza relentlessly, with the overall Palestinian death toll now approaching 23,000 and nearly 60,000 others have been injured. A large number of Israeli forces have also been killed since early December, with some sources suggesting unprecedented casualties and financial losses to the Israeli regime since its creation in 1948.


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