Oct 28, 2023, 7:08 PM
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Iran Army Ground Force ‘has finger on trigger’ to respond to any threat

Tehran, IRNA - The Iranian Army's Ground Force “has its finger on the trigger” to respond to any threat in the shortest possible time, Brigadier General Kioumars Heidari has said.

General Heidari made the remarks on the sidelines of a large-scale two-day military exercise, code-named Eghtedar 1402, in central Iran.

“Exercise Eghtedar 1402 of the Ground Force of the Army was a training exercise to respond to unexpected threats,” he said.

The commander said 200 helicopters are ready at the 4th Combat and Logistics Base in Isfahan, adding that the Iranian Army Aviation’s helicopter power is “unique” in the West Asia region.

During the military drills, Army helicopters, with the use of night vision cameras, carried out successful nighttime operations and destroyed their designated targets, he added.

“This exercise conveys a message of peace and friendship, especially to neighbors and neighboring countries, and projects the power of the Islamic Republic of Iran to its enemies,” General Heidari stated.


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