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Supreme Leader: Washington ‘definite accomplice’ to Israeli crimes in Gaza

Tehran, IRNA – Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, said Wednesday that the United States is a “definite accomplice” to the crimes committed by the Zionist regime against the residents of the besieged Gaza Strip.

Speaking at a meeting with members of the Lorestan Province’s Martyrs Commemoration Congress, Ayatollah Khamenei said the US somehow manages the atrocities committed in Gaza.

“In these crimes, America’s hands are up to the arm in the blood of the oppressed, the children, and the patients,” he said.

Calling attention to the hasty trips of the leaders of “cruel” and “evil” Western powers to the occupied territories, the Supreme Leader said those visits were intended to salvage the Zionist regime from annihilation.

“If the hazard of annihilation was not threatening the occupying regime, these world villains would not have felt that they needed to express solidarity (with Israeli regime) one after another,” he remarked.

This, according to Ayatollah Khamenei, shows that Hamas’s blow has been very strong and decisive.

“Since it was not able to and will not be able to defeat the (resistance) fighters, the battered, wounded and worn-out Zionist regime, which they are keeping alive by bombs and weapons, is taking its revenge on the defenseless people of Palestine,” he noted.

Israeli regime waged a brutal war on the Gaza Strip on October 7 after the Palestinian resistance launched Operation Al-Aqsa Storm, a surprise attack on the occupied territories in retaliation for the Israeli regime’s intensified crimes against the Palestinian people.

According to the official WAFA news agency, the Israeli onslaught on Gaza has so far killed more than 6,000 Palestinians and injured 18,000 others.

‘Defenders of homeland are not terrorists’

Elsewhere in his speech, Ayatollah Khamenei advised Muslim governments not to follow in the footsteps of the US and certain Western countries in calling the “defenders of the homeland” terrorists.

He cautioned that Muslim governments and political spokespersons should be vigilant not to repeat what Western governments say and know that Palestine will definitely win this battle and the next ones.

“Is a person who defends his home and country against the enemy a terrorist? The terrorist is that fake and cruel government that occupied his house,” he asserted.

The Supreme Leader noted that Operation Al-Aqsa Storm was unprecedented, reiterating that the blow against the Zionist regime was “irreparable”.

He contended that the world of the future belongs to Palestine rather than the occupying Zionist regime, adding that the regime’s crimes and cruelties will bear no fruit for them and the Palestinians will emerge victorious.


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