Oct 11, 2023, 9:33 PM
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Ayatollah Sistani calls on world to rise up to end brutality against Palestinians in Gaza

Tehran, IRNA – Iraq’s Top Shia Cleric Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Sistani has called on world countries to stand up against the “severe brutality” by the Zionist regime against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and prevent further suffering of the innocent people in besieged territory.

The office of Ayatollah Sistani issued a statement on Wednesday as the Israeli regime continues its bombardment of the Gaza Strip, leaving a trail of death and destruction and displacing many more. The regime has also put a total blockade on the coastal enclave, cutting electricity and food imports.

Referring to the ongoing situation in Gaza, the Iraqi cleric said that the occupying regime is acting in a way that it is taking revenge and making up for the heavy harms and big failures it has experienced in recent face-offs, according to the statement.

“All these are happening before the eyes of people across the world, while nothing stops or prevents these attacks. Instead, some are supporting these criminal measures and justify them under the excuse of defending themselves.”

All should stand up against this severe brutality, and prevent the occupying forces from going ahead with their plans to impose more suffering on the innocent and suppressed people of Palestine, Ayatollah Sistani said.

He said that putting an end to the tragedy which the Palestinians have been facing over the past seven decades is achieved through upholding their legitimate rights and eliminating the occupation of their lands, and is the only way to establish peace and security in this region.

If this does not happen, resistance against aggressors will continue, and the cycle of violence will take the lives of more innocent people, the statement concluded.  


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