Aug 25, 2023, 11:31 AM
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President Raisi stresses significance of BRICS in global economy

Aug 25, 2023, 11:31 AM
News ID: 85209773
President Raisi stresses significance of BRICS in global economy

Tehran, IRNA – Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has emphasized the importance of BRICS as a global coalition that plays a key role in economic and trade cooperation worldwide.

President Raisi made these remarks upon his arrival in Tehran early on Friday after attending and addressing the 15th BRICS summit in Johannesburg, South Africa, where Iran officially became a member of the bloc.

President Raisi stressed that BRICS is focused on trade and economic cooperation and that Iran’s relationship with the bloc aligns with its resistive economy, highlighting that communication with global, regional, and trans-regional organizations will enhance Iran’s political power.

He also underlined that his government has not made foreign policy a ground for internal competition, and all mechanisms are based on the national interest.

Describing trade exchanges as a significant issue of foreign policy in the incumbent administration in Iran, he stated that the Islamic Republic of Iran has a good commercial capacity in the region.

He called the country’s exporting technical and engineering services as the other capabilities, adding that Iran will export technical and engineering services to South Africa, and five refineries in South Africa will recommence operation with the assistance of Iranian scientists and the efforts of the Ministry of Oil.

Referring to the anti-colonial and anti-apartheid spirit of Africa, Raisi underscored that the spirit of awakening has been created in all of Africa, and this anti-colonial spirit spread in Africa and its high-ranking officials.

He also said that the remarks and speeches delivered at the BRICS Summit revealed that African countries are focused on safeguarding their independence, which has brought Iran and Africa closer to one another, fostering the development of economic cooperation and the fight against colonialism.


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