Mar 31, 2023, 1:53 PM
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FM spox urges Azerbaijan to clarify anti-Iran coop. with Zionist Regime

Tehran, IRNA – Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Nasser Kanaani has called on Azerbaijan Republic’s officials to clarify the recent comments made by the Azeri foreign minister on their so-called new phase of a strategic partnership with the Zionist Regime.

Kanaani referred to the Zionist regime’s foreign minister on an agreement with his Azeri counterpart to establish a unified front against Iran, describing it as another document of sinister intentions of the regime to turn the soil of the Azerbaijan Republic into a ground for threatening the national security of the Islamic Republic.

The spokesman condemned the stances strongly, noting that the statements on the new phase of strategic partnership by the Azerbaijan Republic and Zionists’ plan to form a unified front against the Islamic Republic explicitly indicate their anti-Iran collaboration, and urged the Azeri authorities to explain the issue.

Emphasizing the unbreakable historical and religious link between the Iranian and Azeri people, the diplomat said that the Islamic Republic has always tried to foil attempts by ill-wishers, who make efforts to create distance between the two neighboring states; so, the Azeri government is expected to avoid the plot hatched by the foes of mutual ties between Baku and Tehran.

It is obvious that the Islamic Republic cannot remain indifferent in the face of the Zionist regime’s conspiracy via the soil of Azerbaijan Republic, he warned.

Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen informed of the expansion of anti-Iran cooperation between Tel Aviv and Baku simultaneous with the opening of the embassy of Azerbaijan Republic in the capital city of the Zionist Regime.


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