Jan 1, 2023, 2:27 PM
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University of Birjand, Afghan universities sign MoU on educational ties

Birjand, IRNA – Iran's Birjand University in the east of Iran and two Afghan universities of Ashna and Maiwand signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on educational, research, skill, and technology ties.

According to Iran's Birjand University Public Relations, the memorandum of understanding on educational, research and technological cooperation was signed at the presence of the presidents of Ashna and Miwand universities of Afghanistan and Iran's University of Birjand.

Considering the importance of educational, research and technological cooperation between universities and research centers, this memorandum was signed for the active participation of university teachers and researchers in the field of science and technology to develop scientific ties between Birjand University and Ashna and Maiwand universities.

University student exchange in the agreed fields, exchange of information, books, scientific publications, scientific and research documents, student theses, microfilm and computer software in the fields of education, research and technology are among the provisions of this MoU.

According to the MoU, Iran's Birjand University announced its readiness for the participation of students of Maiwand Higher Education Institute in short-term Persian language courses.


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