Ayatollah Khamenei's fundamental view on Ukraine crisis

Tehran, IRNA - Re-reading the views of the Supreme Leader of Islamic revolution regarding the war in Ukraine and his special attention to the introduction of the main roots of this crisis, shows why all the western propaganda agencies are fully seeking to distort the statements of the revolutionary leader in the meeting with Putin

Ayatollah Khamenei emphasized the importance of understanding the root of the Ukraine crisis in his first televised speech on the occasion of Eid al-Mab'ath (10/12/1400) and said: "Cure for any crisis is only possible if the root of the crisis is known. The root of the crisis in Ukraine is American and Western policies; These are the root of the crisis; These should be recognized and judged based on these, and if we are action-oriented, we should act."

According to the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, today Ukraine is a victim of the "crisis-making policy of the United States" and the intervention of the United States in the internal affairs of Ukraine by creating a velvet coup and launching colorful meetings with the presence of American senators has caused the crisis to reach its current point.

Ayatollah Khamenei, while introducing the roots of the crisis in Ukraine during his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, also adopted a novel and intelligent position and expressed his displeasure with the outbreak of war as a harsh category, saying: "But in the case of Ukraine, if you take the initiative If you didn't take it into your hands, the other side would have started a war with its own initiative."

It cannot be denied that Vladimir Putin started the war against Ukraine, and for this reason, he is seen by the Western propaganda apparatus as an expansionist aggressor who seeks to revive the Soviet Union.

But on the other side of the scene is that America as the leader of NATO with the help of several European countries in February 2014 by imposing a pro-Western president on Ukraine and encouraging this country to join NATO and participate in the military blockade of Russia, the preparations for an inevitable war that even It could lead to an atomic showdown. America and NATO, by promising massive aid, asked Ukraine to ignore Moscow's security red line and act as a Western military base against Russia.

It was quite predictable that Moscow could not be indifferent to this serious security threat. Russia had two options; The first option is to accept the blockade by NATO and the second option; preemptive action by entering into a limited and deterrent war; In the first case, there was a strong possibility that in a few months America and NATO would attack Russia under various pretexts and reach the walls of Moscow. In this case, the losses and destruction of Russia would be very large and widespread, and this event could lead to a world war, even with an atomic capacity.

The second scenario was entering into a deterrent and limited war, which Russia preferred over a bad option to ward off a worse option. Putin knew very well that the costs of war and occupation of parts of Ukraine would be expensive for Russia, but he preferred to take the risk of attacking Ukraine in order not to accept a Western-imposed war.

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, observing these events during the meeting with Mr. Putin, emphasized that the Westerners are completely against a strong and independent Russia, called NATO a dangerous entity and added: "If the road is open to NATO, it knows no boundaries and if it is in front of it in Ukraine It would not have been taken, some time later they would start the same war under the pretext of Crimea."

In the same meeting, the President of Russia also listed the provocative actions of the West and the United States in recent years, including the coup in Ukraine and the implementation of NATO's eastward expansion policy, despite their previous commitments to avoid any advance towards Russia, and said: "Some countries of the Europe said that we were against Ukraine's membership in NATO, but we agreed to it under American pressure, which shows their lack of sovereignty and independence."

Putin's statements in this meeting show that Russia's threatening perception of the West's behavior was the main reason for the annexation of Crimea, and the threat of Ukraine's membership in NATO and Russia's military blockade was the main reason for Russia's invasion of Ukraine. In Russia's security strategy, Ukraine's membership in NATO is much more dangerous than the membership of countries like Finland and Sweden in this alliance. The joining of Finland and Sweden to NATO is not considered a serious threat to Russia, and even these countries can maintain their political relations with Russia after joining NATO.

Contrary to the hype of the Western media, Ayatollah Khamenei's statements in the meeting with President Putin and referring to Russia's initiative in the Ukraine war do not only mean Iran's support for the war, but also a warning that if it were not for Russia's initiative, the region and even the world might end up with a bigger and more brutal war was faced by NATO against Russia.

It is obvious that the Islamic Republic of Iran is against war and destruction anywhere in the world, and the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, in his meeting with President Putin, emphasized the firm position of the Islamic Republic of Iran in opposing war, and said: "With war, people are killed and destroyed. We are against infrastructure belonging to nations anywhere in the world. This is the constant statement of the Islamic Republic, and our policy is not two-fold like the Westerners, that dropping bombs on wedding convoys in Afghanistan and killing Iraqi people is called the fight against terrorism."

America and NATO, which with their crimes, have a very ugly and negative history in Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, etc., are never in a position to want or be able to  accuse the Islamic Republic of Iran agree to war. The thieves who are engaged in plundering the national wealth of the country in the east of Syria, who have usurped the assets of the poor people of Afghanistan, and who are supporting the crimes of Israel and the Saudi coalition against innocent people in occupied Palestine and Yemen, are the culprits.

Stressing that we in Ukraine are in favor of stopping and ending the war, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution believes that "the solution to the crisis is possible if its roots are known. "The root of the crisis in Ukraine is the American and Western policies, which should be recognized and judged and acted upon."

One of the main roots of such events is the governments' trust in the support of the United States and Europe, while the president of Ukraine admitted to this war and the president of Afghanistan had previously admitted that we trusted the United States and the western governments, but they left us alone. Another root cause of destructive wars is the unilateralist and hegemonic policy of the United States, which should use the opportunity of the Ukraine war and by strengthening the alliance of independent countries opposed to the global dictatorship, establish a new order based on universal justice, mutual respect and friendly cooperation among nations. 


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